Guess what?

We can work together without managing your money.

No product sales, no hidden commissions, just pure, transparent advocacy. 

The world of finance is riddled with disclosures that cost you big money and pervert incentives. That’s why we built our business around providing high-impact and customized advice for a flat fee.

Our Process

We are in this for the long haul and are seeking multi-decade relationships.

In essence, a marriage. The best marriages are built on a shared set of values. That’s why we begin with learning about what’s important to you. How do you view family? money? generosity? fun?

Once value alignment is confirmed, we dive into the specifics of your situation.

What does your balance sheet look like? What are your biggest pain points? Is your team working as it should? How is cash flow managed? Do you have a plan? 

Throughout steps 1 and 2 we take copious notes to design a successful engagement.

We reflect on shared values and areas most important to you. We outline goals, deliverables, and frequency of meetings. We walk you through our fee calculator of over 25 different inputs and present a fair exchange of fees for value. 

Questions or ideas? Connect with us.