Doug Pittenger

Doug Pittenger is the Director of Client Services at Redbud Advisors, where he leads a professional client experience and serves as a first-class touchpoint and problem solver for clients’ various administrative needs.

Prior to joining Redbud, Doug worked in student ministry and missions at Riverbend Church, spending his last year in ministry building and leading the operations of a large food pantry. At Redbud Doug oversees client services, including account & cash management, private investment administration, and support for clients’ charitable giving initiatives.

Doug graduated with a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. During his college years he founded an entrepreneurial party bus company, which served college students, locals, and out-of-town visitors across Austin. Between luxury driving services and hosting a local Airbnb, Doug has honed his skills in hospitality and concierge-level recommendations. Doug and his wife love cooking, hosting parties, exploring restaurants, binge-watching Netflix, and traveling near and far.

B.A., Religious Studies