Adam Hull

Adam Hull isn’t an ordinary person or an ordinary financial advisor. In high school he was a stand leader who fired up fans and excited the entire stands into cheering mode. He’s a father of four, and found a new appreciation for life when he lost his first child as an infant, a humbling experience; today, his three vibrant children and loving wife add wind to his sails. Adam brings heart to everything he does.

At Redbud Advisors, and with eleven years of experience behind him, Adam is a wealth strategist – the guy who sits alongside the wealthy helping them make critical decisions. Unlike most financial advisors, he doesn’t need to manage client assets. Clients say Adam, and Redbud, have more intimate knowledge of their financial situation than any other family member or professional on their team. From “should I tell my kids about their inheritance” to “do I invest in this business or not” to “is it better to do X or Y”, and “what’s the best estate plan”, along with everything in between, he is committed to helping clients optimize their wealth strategies through winning relationships.

B.A., Communication Studies